Happy “Thanks-Living” and More Happiness to Boot

Scott and Cindy

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Our Senior Pastor, Dr. Don Hamilton of Capital Area Christian Church, talked this past Sunday about a lifestyle of “Thanks-Living”.   He made the point that Thanksgiving is a one-day holiday, but Thanks-Living is a lifestyle that you live daily throughout the year.

I liked that idea.  The concept fit well with something that I have been doing over this past year by daily making a list of three things I am truly thankful for.

And, yesterday, I learned something else about gratitude.  The Harrisburg Patriot News ran an article with the headline “Gratitude Can Make People Happier”.   It stated that research shows that gratitude “…makes you happier and can change your attitude about life, like an emotional reset button.  Especially in hard times, like these….Grateful people feel more alert, alive, interested, enthusiastic.”

Today, I wrote in my journal that I am thankful for being married to “the woman of my dreams” (those of you who know Cindy know exactly what I mean).  She is truly an amazing woman. 

However, I have not always felt that way.  Nine months into our marriage, I wanted out and Cindy was not happy.  However, one eventful day, we sat across the table from one another and said, “As Christians, divorce is not an option.  So, we have a choice — we can stay miserable the rest of our lives OR we can work on this marriage and get better.”

And, I am SO THANKFUL we chose the latter.   The journey to the mountaintop has not always been easy, but it has always been good.  And, by God’s grace and His power, our marriage has truly been transformed.  We’ve gone from misery to excitement– now isn’t that something to be thankful for!

Today, as you experience Thanksgiving, take some time from the hectic pace and spend some time in thanksgiving for your spouse.  You may even want to write down 10 things you are thankful for about your spouse.  And, then, over the course of the next day or so, find some time to tell them personally about those 10 (one or two at a time).

You know, my guess is that your spouse will feel better (hopefully they won’t drop dead from surprise) and, according to the Patriot News, you will to.  And, who knows, the process just might jumpstart your marriage on a journey straight to the mountaintop.  Especially, as Pastor Don says, if you take Thanksgiving and transform it into Thanks-Living.

From both Cindy and me – a Very Happy Thanksgiving !

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