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I like happy endings.  On Saturday, Christian Life Assembly did an absolutely magnificent job telling a Christianized version of the classic tale “Scrooge”. 

You may recall that the nasty Scrooge is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.  The last one, the Ghost of Christmas Future, gives Scrooge a look at what his life is soon to become IF he does not make changes.  It is a scary vision.

Well, as I sat at the play, I thought to myself:  “What would it be like if all of us were visited by the Ghost of Marriage Future and we were to see what our marriages were going to look like in five years.  Would we be happy or scared with the vision?”

According to secular research, the average marital satisfaction score is like a “U-Shaped Curve”.  After starting high on your honeymoon, the bad news is that you then slowly move downward for many years to the valley (the bottom of the “U”) culminating around the time your children are in their late teens.  However, the good news is that, if you hang in there, you then move back up again, ending up higher than when you began! 

Unfortunately, if you are newly married or married with younger children, the liklihood is that your marriage will struggle for some time.   But, do you need to be the average?   Isn’t it possible that, with God’s help, you could experience a truly mountaintop experience (even when you’re supposed to be in the valley).  For doesn’t God say that “all things are possible with God” ?

Well, I not only think “all things are possible”, I know your marriage can be different because I’ve seen dramatic transformati0ns take place.   You don’t need to be stuck in a C- / D+ marriage, because God desires for your marriage to be dynamic (read the Song of Songs) and fulfilling (“I have come that you may have life and life abundant” — John 10:10). 

One of those real-life transformational stories is found on my website.  For your convenience, I have copied it below.  It is written by a couple who have not yet reached the “teenage years”.  However, they write that their marriage is happier, more satisfied and more complete in their relationship than they could have ever imagined.  Their relationship is more like a rocket upward than a spiral downward. AND, THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THIS EXPERIENCE COULD BE YOURS! 

“In 2002, our marriage was hanging by a thread. Mistakes had been made. Trust was gone. We literally started the Mountaintop Marriage sessions thinking that divorce seemed inevitable. Being people who are typically skeptical of “self-helps” and “quick fixes,” we pledged to give the program our best shot, and to commit 100% to whatever was asked of us. Scott and Cindy were real. They were honest. They presented things in ways we had never thought of before. And they didn’t just talk about theories and abstract “relationship stuff.” They gave us real tools to use in our daily interaction with each other, our children and others. We began to look at each other and ourselves in a completely different light, and we both changed for the better. And our marriage changed – for the better. Thanks to God’s grace and the Mountaintop Marriage program, this year we will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary, happier, more satisfied and more complete in our relationship and our home life than we could have ever imagined. Thank you, Scott and Cindy, for helping us repair and rebuild our marriage and our family on a firm and lasting foundation!”

If you think this is something, wait until Thursday’s transformation story.  It will knock you off your seat!

This Christmas season, why not be PROACTIVE and take some concrete steps to make your marriage better.  For then, when the Ghost of Marriage Future visits you, the vision will be one worth jumping up and down about.   Boy, I like happy endings — don’t you ?

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