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In my last blog, I spoke about a man’s desire for his house to be a “haven” and a wife’s desire for her husband to be a good father to her children. This issue of fathering has a profound impact on the marital relationship … Continue reading

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Fathering in a “Haven”

I thought a little levity would be good to start off the day.  A question to 9 year old Anita:   “Is it better to remain single or get married?”   Answer from Anita:  “It is better for girls to remain single, but … Continue reading

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In the past few blogs about physical intimacy, we have discovered that God created marital sex to be a good thing, that He created it for important reasons (procreation, pleasure, intimacy, and symbolic reminder of our love relationship with Him), and … Continue reading

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“Roses Are Red…”

Happy Valentine’s Day. Well, I tried to do some research for you on the history of Valentine’s Day.   I didn’t come up with too much. I had always thought that some person(St. Valentine) from the old days had done something really special … Continue reading

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The Theology of Physical Intimacy

Since physical intimacy is often so important to one or both spouses, I wanted to take some more time exploring the issue.  As we do, we need to start at the beginning with how God views sex. First, let’s be … Continue reading

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Knowing Your Needs ~ Sex and Attentiveness

How are you doing with your “needs” list?   Have you started it yet?   If not, why not take a moment right now and create a document in your computer that will help you keep track of the needs you have for a dynamic … Continue reading

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Being Content vs. Wanting Needs to be Met

In Monday’s blog, we talked about a wife’s need for communication and the husband’s need for recreational companionship.  If you haven’t taken the time to read that blog or do the growth assignment, take a moment to do that now. … Continue reading

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